the bride- oravanh

Oravanh was born in Chiang Rai, Thailand and came to California when she was very young. She learned English, graduated high school, went to college at UC Irvine, and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic (the same time as Peter, from 2005 to 2007).

After the Peace Corps, she worked in social services in the Bay Area, and decided to go back to graduate school at Syracuse University to pursue a career in international relations and development. She also became a Syracuse basketball fan and wishes she has ESPN during March madness.

After studying, making friends, traveling, and working abroad with international organizations, she missed California (especially the Bay Area and her family). She decided to come home and apply her new skills and experience here. Little did she know that the love of her life was waiting for her in the town of Los Gatos.

the groom- peter

Peter Myers was born in Chicago, and moved to Los Gatos when he was 12. After graduating from Los Gatos High School, he attended Boston University, where he earned a degree in print journalism.

After college, Peter joined the Peace Corps in the Eastern European country of Moldova. He worked as an English and computer teacher there from 2005 to 2007. When he returned to America, he lived in Campbell, and spent 2008 working at an Apple store and running his own third-party campaign for U.S. Congress. In 2009, he left his job and walked across the border into Mexico, taking busses until he ended up in Guatemala, where he spent three months volunteering as a teacher in several schools.

Once back in America again, Peter found a job at a local bike shop. He became an enthusiastic cyclist, riding more miles on his bikes than he drove in his car. He has managed to stay more or less injury-free. In spring 2012, he was accepted to the University of California Berkeley's Master of Development Practice program. And just as he was going to need to move to the East Bay for school, he met Oravanh.

oravanh and peter together

Peter's first words about Oravanh were, "Joe, who's this cute girl on Facebook talking about Peace Corps?"

Oravanh's first words about Peter were, "Joe, I need a job, not a boyfriend."

In March 2012, just a couple weeks after those first conversations with their mutual friend, Joseph Lynch, Oravanh and Peter met at a party at the house Joe and Peter were living in. They talked for a little while about Peace Corps, Thailand, and why Peter had so many bicycles, and then went on to talk to other people at the party. They kept in touch, because Oravanh needed Peter's help setting up her own web site.

In April, Oravanh came to another party at Peter and Joe's, and she and Peter hit it off. A week later, they met at the North Berkeley BART station for their first official date, which included Oravanh losing her contact lens and Peter bringing an actual paper map of Berkeley and Oakland to help them find their way. On a road trip to Los Angeles on Memorial Day weekend 2012, Peter convinced Oravanh that they should be boyfriend and girlfriend.

By the end of the summer, Peter had settled into a rented house in El Cerrito and was attending classes at Berkeley. Oravanh moved into her cousins' house in Richmond, and eventually found a job as a fair housing coordinator for Bay Area Legal Aid. They saw each other pretty much every single day.

The Proposal

On February 5, 2013, Oravanh had an afternoon meeting in Berkeley, and told Peter that she would meet him on campus after her meeting so they could ride back north together. Peter led the way, and as they passed the North Berkeley BART station, he turned into the station parking lot and rode toward the entrance turnstiles. Oravanh thought they were going to take BART one stop to get back home, but instead Peter got off his bike, leaned it against a wall, and got down on one knee. She was still standing over her bike, and he still had his helmet on. After Oravanh said yes, several passing commuters congratulated them.

The Lao Ceremony

After Peter worked in India for two months over the summer, he and Oravanh were eager to get married and didn't want to wait until May to make it official. On November 2, they had a traditional Lao ceremony at Oravanh's parents' house. After what was originally planned as the "small" wedding, they are looking forward to the "big" wedding in May.