Peter Myers was born in 1983 in Chicago, IL, and moved to Los Gatos in 1995. He graduated from Los Gatos High School in 2001 and attended Boston University exness.

Just two weeks into his freshman year, Peter returned to his dorm room and saw the World Trade Center towers falling on TV. Although he agreed with President Bush's initial actions in Afghanistan, government actions such as the USA PATRIOT Act left him disappointed with the administration and Congress. As the government began their publicity campaign to invade Iraq, Peter attended anti-war rallies and cataloged war casualties in his student newspaper column exness platform.

After graduating with a degree in journalism in 2005, Peter worked for four months with at-risk youth in the Boston public school system, where he saw some of the problems that exist in our nation's schools.

Disappointed that the government, Republicans and Democrats alike, were damaging America's reputation abroad, Peter was motivated to join the Peace Corps. He served in Moldova, a small former Soviet state in Eastern Europe, from June 2005 to August 2007. After being told for much of his life that the USSR was America's enemy, he was astounded at the Moldovans' hospitality and friendliness when he arrived. Moldovans he met were happy to have him in their country, helping communities, learning their language and eating their traditional food. Peter realized that the aid and soft power extended through American organizations like the Peace Corps and USAID is more effective per dollar spent than any tank, gun or bomb exness broker register.

Today Peter resides in Campbell and is a personal computer trainer at an Apple retail store. You can learn more about him at